Jesse Ware & Sampha "Valentine"

For A Day I Use To Call "VLADentines Day", I'm Not A Big Fan Of The "Holiday"... To Me, The Day Forces Emotions That May Not Even Be There The Day Before Or Day After... All I See Is Women Getting This & That & The Fellas Are Just Standing There With Their Pockets Emptied.. To Top It All Off Some Women Think That Sex Is Their Way Of Showing This Man Who Spent Money On A Getaway, Flowers, Dinner, Candy etc., Some Form Of Reciprocation... The Same Sex He Got 3 Days Before Valentines.... Just Thoughts People.... (I Know This May Be Stirring Thoughts Up Right Now). All In All, I Hope If You Celebrated, It Was Enjoyed.

All This To Post A "Valentines" Video... LOL....