College Dropout Is Now 10

I Wanted To Wait Until All The Hype To Died Down To Write This Post. This Album Was & Still Is An Influential Part Of My Life. When This Album Dropped I Was Away At College At Norfolk State University. Imagine Being In College & Already Knowing What You Want To Do In Life & This Album That Basically Tells You To Leave School Comes Out. LMAO!!!.... I Contemplated It So Many Days Sitting In The Library At The Computer Doing Homework For A Subject I Knew I Would Never Use In My Career. Tough. The Project Was Just So Truthful & IT Was The Music I Could Recite... I Say That Because Kanye Came In A Time Where IT Was All About Jersey's & Such & He Wasn't Apart Of That Fad. He Wasn't A Drug Dealer Or A Killer. Just A Kid That Wanted To Rap & Dress Up In The Best Garments. Fast Forward Years Later, Haitian V Was Born In The G.O.O.D Music Office. (Thanks Mo Cheddda) It's Crazy How The World Works But A Great Quote Says "Coincidence Is God's Way Of Remaining Anonymous" So I Know I'm Doing What I Am Suppose To. I Don't Know If He'll Ever Read This But Thank You Kanye For Bringing This Project Into My Life.