Kara Walker Exhibit

A Few Weeks Ago I Went To The Kara Walker Exhibit. I Have To Say IT Was A Great Experience. It Was In An Old Domino Factory In Williamsburg. Kara Walker Had Some Pieces That Were Very Interesting. The Main Attraction Was A Huge Sculpture Of A Phoenix That Had The Face Of A Mamie. The Entire Sculpture Was Made Of Sugar. Spread Throughout The Rest Of The Exhibit Were Statues Of Young Children Who Represented The Children That Were Overworked, Under & Sometimes Not Paid At All.

In The Second Photo Which I Like To Call "A Sweet Reflection", Is Myself Staring At Myself. The Reflection Is Courtesy Of The Melted Sugar From The Children Pieces Throughout The Exhibit. I Also Ran Into Fashion/Styling Queen June Ambrose At The Exhibit With Her 2 Kids. Had To Take Some Selfie Action. I Will Ask Her To Play "Finish That Song" Next Time.