As You All May Know... Or Maybe Not Be Cause Media Coverage Isn't Focused On Haiti. There Was A Tragic Hurricane To Hit Haiti. OVer 1000 People Dead & No Aid. So We As People Take It Upon Ourselves To Help Out. Grass Roots Style.. Many People Are Nervous When It Comes To Donating Now. Since The Other Natural Disaster Earthquake) Hit Haiti, Many Poured Out Their Funds To Donate... Majority To Red Cross (DON'T DONATE THERE). There Are A Many Legit Orgs That Are In Haiti Helping...... Really... That List WIll Be Provided Below.

Another Trustworthy Company That I Am Endorsing Myself Is A Blog Created For All Things Haitian. L'Union Suite Will Inform You On EVERYTHING Going On With The Relief Efforts Going On In Haiti. If You Have Any Questions, Log On To The Site.