Happy VLADentines Day... Love V

Got A Sweet Lil' Darling Back In My Corner
Below I Know I Love Her, But Act Like I Don't Want Her
Surrounded By The Lonely, But Yet Feel Like A Loner
Could Be An Organ Donor
The Way I Give Up My Heart, But
Never Know Because Shit, I Never Tell Her!
Ask Me How I'm Feelings I'd Holla' That It's Irrela'
I Don't Get Myself Caught Up In The Jello Gella'
And Puddin' Pops, That Others Opt To Call Falling In Love, But
For The Record, Have You Ever Rode A Horse?
Like For You To Take Me To Pluto?
I Said, "Of Course!"
But If You Ain't A Sweety Indeedy, I Won't Endorse
Hans Solo Till I'm Hit By The Bullet, So May The Force
Be With You, & I'll Hit You When Better Time Permits
For Now, Show Me Samples, Examples Of Why You're The Shit!
But How Am I To Know With The Profession That I'm In?
And If You Do Not Know Me, Then How Could You Be My Friend?