Do You Wanna Be......Happy?...

Happy New Year Everyone... 2014 Was A Bittersweet Year... I Really Understand The "Rollercoaster" Term. I Have So Many Plans For This Year... At The Top Of That List... Be Happy... So Why Not Start The Year With A Video Of A Song From An Album That's Been Keeping Me Together Since It's Release.... So Inspiring... (This & "January 28th" Are The Most Listened To Tracks On My Phone From That Album). I Promise To Atleast Try This Year... Something I Have Been Battling For A While.... Took A Good Friend's Scorning In The Middle Of A Party To Get Me To Realize My Potential & My Purpose... So As We Embark On This Fresh Year, Let's All Be Great, Let's All Be Successful, Let's All Love One Another & Most Importantly Let's All Be Happy....

The Admission

Glad You're Here...... Thank You For Listenin'... I Do It For The Old, Young, The Poor & The Wealthy, The Black To The White & The Sick To Healthy... The People That Support Me, The People That Hate Me.... The People That Love Me & Say I'm Amazing... Say That I'm Artsy & Claim That I'm Crazy, Say That I Work Hard, Say That I'm Lazy But It's All Hearsay I Won't Let It Phase Me... It's Not About The Block, Not About The Corner... It's All About The Future Our Sons & Our Daughters... We Need Doctors & Lawyers From Border To Border, It's More We Can Offer Matter Of Fact Come Take A Look At The Portrait..

Kara Walker Exhibit

A Few Weeks Ago I Went To The Kara Walker Exhibit. I Have To Say IT Was A Great Experience. It Was In An Old Domino Factory In Williamsburg. Kara Walker Had Some Pieces That Were Very Interesting. The Main Attraction Was A Huge Sculpture Of A Phoenix That Had The Face Of A Mamie. The Entire Sculpture Was Made Of Sugar. Spread Throughout The Rest Of The Exhibit Were Statues Of Young Children Who Represented The Children That Were Overworked, Under & Sometimes Not Paid At All.

In The Second Photo Which I Like To Call "A Sweet Reflection", Is Myself Staring At Myself. The Reflection Is Courtesy Of The Melted Sugar From The Children Pieces Throughout The Exhibit. I Also Ran Into Fashion/Styling Queen June Ambrose At The Exhibit With Her 2 Kids. Had To Take Some Selfie Action. I Will Ask Her To Play "Finish That Song" Next Time.

David Sterling Banned.....FOREVER!!

If You Know Me, You Know I Love Me Some Art... Though The Term & Phrase These Days is Overused, I Still Find Some Great Pieces With Great Messages. While Skimming The Net I Found This Picture That Was Made Not Too Long After Commissioner Adam Sliver Of The NBA Banned David Sterling, Owner Of The LA Clipper (Not Sure For How Long). If You Know Anything About Jordan's Then You Should Know The Significance Of This Piece. If You Don't Know, Here Is A Crash Lesson. As You Can See Michael Jordan Is Handing David Sterling A Pair Of Air Jordan 1's. These Particular Sneakers Were Banned From The NBA In 1985 Because There Wasn't Enough White In The Shoe To Match The Uniforms. If Jordan Wore The Shoe He Was Fined $5,000 Every Time. As A Marketing Tool, Nike Gave A Hint That The Shoe Gave An Unfair Advantage To Whomever Wore Them. Nike Also Picked Up The Bill For The Fines Every Time. I Found It Very Entertaining That The Artist Who Goes By The Name "REE" Drew Michael Jordan Who Is Arguably The Greatest Player To Ever Play The Game, African-American & Also The Chairman Of The Brand Whom Chris Paul (LA Clippers) Is Signed To Hand Sterling A Pair Of Banned 1's. Kudos To You REE...