Meet Justin..

I Was In Miami For Art Basel In December & I Went To Witness The Making Of A Mural Painted By My Best Friend Ron Bass.. As The Day Passed A Guy Walked Up With A Cat Fish In His Hand Held With An Ace Bandage. "Does Anyone Remember Me OR Remember Seeing Me Last Night?" He Asked... No One Knew This Guy... He Was Dirty & Clearly High. He Came Back To Look At The Mural & I Started Speaking To Him. His Name Is Justin. He Told Me Who He Was Before & After Heroin. He Is An Addict & HAs Been For 5 Years. Just Was A Success Story... Had Money, Engaged To A Beautiful Woman & Expecting A Child...... That All Changed Within A Moments Time. Justin Lost His Newborn Child To Lung Failure & Started Drinking. The Problem Was He Was Already On Percocets For Extreme Back Pain. When Mixed, That Combination Can Be Very Bad. That Made Him And Addict & Eventually Justin Lost His Woman Too..... Pray For Him If You Have A Moment. He Seemed To Be A Very Genuine Guy Who Was Just Down On His Luck At The Wrong Time. "Trust Me V, You'll Hear About Me Again"..... Our Convo Changed My Life.... Pushed Me To Work Harder & Not Let ANYTHING Hold Me Back.. Also To Not Become Him As Crazy That May Sound........ Thanks Justin......

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