Vlad's Sit Down With The Podcast #InTheConversation

Had The Pleasure Of Sitting Down With The Good Fellas At #InTheConversation... Well Not Really All The Guys. Damien Was Shooting His New Season Of "Comedy Knockout" & Dominican Vlad Had Auditions (Which You Should Know I Understand All Too Well). So It Was Really A 1 On 1 Conversation With Me & Ali.... Ali Is Actually A Very Significant Piece In The Journey. He Encouraged Me To Even Start Doing "Haitian V" & YouTube On My Own.. If You Read Or Heard Interviews I've Done & They Ask Me Who Helped Me Start, I Always Mention Ali... Well Here Is A Small Tad Bit Of More Transparency When I Sit & Talk On The Very Popular Podcast #InTheConversation

About Nothing Podcast's "4 Haitians In A Room" Episode

Last Week I Had The Opportunity To Go & Check My Peeps At The About Nothing Podcast. Let Me Give You Guys Fair Warning From Now. Hynaken Was Himself, Like Always... So Whatever You Hear Are His Views & His Views Only... (LMAO). Didn't Really Get To Talking Because The Conversation & Topics Where Heavy. We'll Get To It Sooner Than Later. For Now.... The "4 Haitians In A Room" Episode Brought To You By "About Nothing Podcast".

DJ K's "WHAT NOW?" Pt. 2 Mixtape

My Guy DJ K Of Dead Eye Soldiers Reached Out To Me & Said "Vlad I Need You On The New Mixtape Bro... I'm On My Grind". How Can I Say No, Especially When We Made A Crime Scene In The Streets Already With Previous Joints.... Check Out & Download DJ K's Latest Mix "What Now? Pt. 2"

Josh X feat. Cardi B "Heaven On My Mind" Video

KRS Family Has Been Working Heavy... This Is My Bro & Tourmate's Josh X's Latest Hit (Which Happens To Be In The Top 20 In The R&B Charts) "Heaven On My Mind" Featuring Cardi B. The Song Is Really A Good Feel. Especially For Those That Have Been In The Mood For The 90's Feel Of Music. We Had So Much Fun On This Video Shoot Which Is Also Starring The Beautiful Ana Montana & .................. ME!!! (Where I Play A Few Characters)

The Podium Podcast Featuring ME!!!...LOL..

My Guy Sneaker Liaison, Mark Was Ranting On SnapChat One Day About Doing A Podcast.. Saw Him A Few Days Later & Spoke To Him About It... I Happened To Be The 1st Guest... LOL... Super Dope... His Podcast Really Doesn't Have The Interview Structure... But All In All Good Conversation... Here Is The 1st Episode Of The "Podium Podcast" Featuring Yours Truly...

Parrain's "Zoe'd My Way Up" Video

My Guy Parrain Reached Out To Me & Said "V I Have To Have You In This Video".. LOL... I Never Miss An Opportunity To Put "Haitian V" In New Situations... LOL.. Parrain Gives His Twist Of The Banger, All The Way Up By Fat Joe & Remy Ma. Play On Words But It's For The Haitians & Other Folks That Would Relate (LMAO).. So Here Is A Brook Brovaz Presentation.


As You All May Know... Or Maybe Not Be Cause Media Coverage Isn't Focused On Haiti. There Was A Tragic Hurricane To Hit Haiti. OVer 1000 People Dead & No Aid. So We As People Take It Upon Ourselves To Help Out. Grass Roots Style.. Many People Are Nervous When It Comes To Donating Now. Since The Other Natural Disaster Earthquake) Hit Haiti, Many Poured Out Their Funds To Donate... Majority To Red Cross (DON'T DONATE THERE). There Are A Many Legit Orgs That Are In Haiti Helping...... Really... That List WIll Be Provided Below.

Another Trustworthy Company That I Am Endorsing Myself Is A Blog Created For All Things Haitian. L'Union Suite Will Inform You On EVERYTHING Going On With The Relief Efforts Going On In Haiti. If You Have Any Questions, Log On To The Site.

"Americans" Try Haitian Food For The 1st Time...

Kinda Weird There Weren't Black "Americans" In This Thing But It Was Actually Very Entertaining.... I Was Actually Getting More & More Satisfied As It Went On For Public Display Of Affection For Haiti & It's Culture... We Can't Have It All Though....

Haitian V On Cardi B's "Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1" Mixtape

I Got The Opportunity To Work With Love & Hip-Hop NY Star, Cardi B On HerMixtape "Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1". I Will Say I Had Another Fun Time Portraying Haitian V. You Can Download The Mixtape On For Now Check Out The Skit On The Mixtape Featuring Everyone's Favorite, Haitian V... Much Love To Cardi B & Her Team On Sharing The Platform...

Happy VLADentines Day... Love V

Got A Sweet Lil' Darling Back In My Corner
Below I Know I Love Her, But Act Like I Don't Want Her
Surrounded By The Lonely, But Yet Feel Like A Loner
Could Be An Organ Donor
The Way I Give Up My Heart, But
Never Know Because Shit, I Never Tell Her!
Ask Me How I'm Feelings I'd Holla' That It's Irrela'
I Don't Get Myself Caught Up In The Jello Gella'
And Puddin' Pops, That Others Opt To Call Falling In Love, But
For The Record, Have You Ever Rode A Horse?
Like For You To Take Me To Pluto?
I Said, "Of Course!"
But If You Ain't A Sweety Indeedy, I Won't Endorse
Hans Solo Till I'm Hit By The Bullet, So May The Force
Be With You, & I'll Hit You When Better Time Permits
For Now, Show Me Samples, Examples Of Why You're The Shit!
But How Am I To Know With The Profession That I'm In?
And If You Do Not Know Me, Then How Could You Be My Friend?


Super Bowl's Best Ever Performance

As We Are Waiting To See If Peyton Manning Will Show Why He's "The Chief" Or If Cam Newton Is Going To Dab His Way To A Chip, Everyone Thinks Of The Halftime Show. Just Want To Take You Back To The Most Epic Halftime Show By The One & Only, Michael Jackson... ::Wipes Eyes::

Furthest Thing

Somewhere Between Psychotic & Iconic
Somewhere Between I Want It & I Got It
Somewhere Between I'm Sober & I'm Lifted
Somewhere Between A Mistress & Commitment
But I Stay Down, Girl I Always Stay Down
Get Down, Never Lay Down
Promise To Break Everybody Off Before I Break Down
Everyone Just Wait Now
So Much On My Plate Now
People I Believed In They Don't Even Show Their Face Now
What They Got To Say Now?
Nothing They Can Say Now
Nothing Really Changed But Still They Look At Me A Way Now
What More Can I Say Now?
What More Can I Say Now?
You Might Feel Like Nothing Was The Same

I Still Been Drinking On The Low
Mobbin' On The Low
Fuckin' On The Low
Smokin' On The Low
I Still Been Plottin' On The Low
Scheming On The Low
The Furthest Thing From Perfect
Like Everyone I Know

And I Hate That You Don't Think I Belong To You
Just Too Busy Running Shit To Run Home To You
You Know That Paper My Passion
Bittersweet Celebrations, I Know I Can't Change What Happened
I Can't Help It
I Can't Help It
I Was Young & I Was Selfish
I Made Every Woman Feel Like She Was Mine & No One Else's
Now You Hate Me
Stop Pretending, Stop That Fronting
I Can't Take It
Girl Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger
Girl You Know I Seen You Naked
Girl You Know That I Remember, Don't Be A Pretender
Getting High At The Condo, That's When It All Comes Together
You Know I Stay Reminiscing
& Makeup Sex Is Tradition
But You've Been Missing Girl
And You Might Feel Like Nothing Was The Same


I Still Been Drinking On The Low
Mobbin' On The Low
Fuckin' On The Low
Smokin' On The Low
I Still Been Plottin' On The Low
Scheming On The Low
The Furthest Thing From Perfect
Like Everyone I Know

"Finish That Song" Feat. Cardi B

Another Night My Manager Calls Me & Tells Me "Yo, We Out" & We End Up In A Strip Club... (Yeah I Hate Them).. Night Is Cool As I Am Cooling Out With My Homie Choppa Zoe. Drinks & Hookah... Girls Come To Dance & Get Denied... Yeah, Wild Night.. Finally Coming To The Conclusion Of The Night & It Comes Time For Me To Meet Love & Hip Hop NY Star Cardi B... HA!! Well Here's How Some Of That Meeting Went With Another Game Of "Finish That Song".

"Finish That Song" Feat. Ed Lover

My Manager Called Me One Night & Said "I'm Coming To Check You" 20 Minutes Later She Says "Nah Get Really Dressed, We're Going Somewhere". She Ended Up Taking Me To An Ed Lover & Friends Comedy Show. HA!.. So As I Sit & Observe, I Was Getting Whispers Of Going On... Let Me Just Say I Won't Miss An Opportunity To Showcase My Craft. After An Amazing Show, I Chopped It Up With The "OG" & He Gave Me A Few Compliments On My Set.. We Spoke A Bit More & I Had To Get Him For A Game Of "Finish That Song"... Well.... Here It Is... 

Happy New Year....

2016... What Can I Say... I'm Grateful To See Another Year... Spent NYE The Same Way I Do Every Year In Church... I Bow & Pray At Midnight... Yeah.. Same Thing Every Year.... Then Soup Joumou... ( Haitian Soup Served Every New Year)... Then Blah Blah Blah... I Had Fun... Stayed Local & Woke Up To Go To A Dress Up Parties (HA, Rockstar?....) I'm Literally Fatigued... Like Every Day... Anyway No Resolutions This Year... Just Focus & Execution... No Big Speech About What & Why... Boooooorriiiing... I'll Just Do What I Do... Hope You Guys Do What You Do Also... PEACE!!!

"Foreign Minds Think Alike" Movie Trailer

My Man Majah Hype Asked Me To Be A Part Of His Project "Foreign Minds Think Alike" Playing As My Favorite Character, Haitian V.. Check Out The Trailer To The Film That Will Be Released Early Next Year. Many Guest Cameos Are In This Film... Trust Me It Will Be Amazing... Stay Tuned...

"Eleven Two-Oh Three" The Movie

As Some Of You May Have Noticed, I've Been Working On Many Projects. One Of Those Projects Was "Eleven Two-Oh Three" Which Took Place Not Too Far From Home.. I Had Fun On This Project Especially Because My Boy N'fa Was Also Apart Of It. There Were Other Actor's On This Project That Made The Days Funnier Like My Guy Shaquille Mitchell Who's Been Killing Social Media & Young Actor Melvin... Black Classic...  So With Out Any Further Holding, I Present To You "Eleven Two-Oh Three" By: Jeremy Accime

"Pieces" Series Ep. 1 Pilot

My Good Friend Kareem Reached Out To Me To Be A Part Of His YouTube Series, "Pieces". I Couldn't Really Say No Because It Sounded Like A Fun Project & Another Platform To Showcase My Talents. I Play A Character By The Name Of "Diddy" Who Is A Prominent Person In The Underworld Of Credit Card Scamming.. LMAO... Check Out The 1st Episode Of The Series. Share & Tell Friends... Just Another Fun Project To Watch.